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New Policy Flushes Away Restroom Woes

Wyndham Public Toilet

Enhancing Livability and Accessibility through Thoughtful Restroom Provisioning

Wyndham City has introduced a new Public Toilet Policy with the goal of ensuring that residents have access to clean and safe restroom facilities. This initiative contributes to Wyndham’s reputation as a livable and accessible city.

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Currently, the distribution of public toilets within Wyndham is uneven, resulting in approximately 12 requests each year for the construction of new facilities.

The new Policy provides guidance on the placement of public restrooms across the district’s passive open spaces. These areas are designed to encourage longer stays due to the availability of recreational activities, BBQ facilities, and parking options.

The Mayor of Wyndham, Cr Susan McIntyre, has expressed her support for the policy, emphasizing that the absence of public toilets limits the community’s utilization of these spaces.

To achieve the objectives outlined in Plan Melbourne for creating livable neighborhoods, amenities such as public toilets must be easily accessible throughout the open space network.

The council has conducted a thorough assessment of existing facilities, identified challenges related to provisioning and management, and developed an Implementation Framework that adopts a location-based approach to provisioning.

Under this strategy, public toilets will be strategically placed along linear open space corridors, including the coastline and the Werribee River. These facilities will be strategically linked to key destinations along each corridor, and clear signage will direct visitors to nearby restrooms and facilities. This approach will also be extended to Activity Centers.

The community has expressed its support for this policy, which outlines guidelines for the provision of public toilets across parks and open spaces based on four new decision-making principles.

Public toilets contribute significant value to parks and open spaces by attracting more visitors and families. Their availability plays a vital role in supporting community well-being.

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