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New Reforms for Renters

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Renters across Victoria are embracing more than 130 reforms now in place to make renting fairer and safer for all Victorians.

Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne today joined renter Heidi at her home to talk about the positive impact the rental reforms have already had for so many Victorians.

Since 2 March 2020, renters have been able to keep pets after asking their rental provider. For renters like Heidi, this small change has contributed to making their house feel more like home.

Heidi’s rescue cat Bentley and bearded dragon Larry proved to be fantastic companions during the coronavirus lockdown.

Larry enjoyed taking leisurely walks with Heidi in the park behind the home, while Bentley took interest in watching Heidi and her husband play poker, even being dealt a hand at one point and learning to perfect a high-five.

These are just some of the many ways living with a furry or scaled friend can enrich our lives.

From today, Victorians will benefit from even more rent rule changes, such as:

  • the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal will only be able to issue possession orders requiring a renter to vacate if it is reasonable and proportionate to do so – a continuation of one of the important coronavirus emergency measures
  • rental providers will need to give a valid reason to end rental agreements. They will not be able to give ‘no specified reason’ notices to vacate, and
  • a new process for repeated late or non-payment of rent, which will ensure renters in financial distress can only be required to leave when they have paid late when it is fair to require them to do so while giving rental providers more certainty.

Rental providers will also see the benefit of these new laws with stronger accountability for renters, clearer obligations, and modern regulation and processes.

The rent reforms affect private rentals, caravan parks, rooming houses, and residential parks. More information on the rental reforms can be found at consumer.vic.gov.au/rentrules.