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New Werribee Township Regional Park Coming!

Werribee Township Regional Park

The new Werribee Township Regional Park in Wyndham Vale will be at the northern boundary of the existing Presidents Park. This new park aims to allow for greater community interaction and enjoyment of the Werribee River and old-growth River Red Gums on the river banks.

Access to open green space is important to everybody, including people moving to Melbourne’s newest suburbs in the west.

Over the coming 20 years, the City of Wyndham is forecast to experience significant increase in population. As heralded in the Linking People and Spaces Strategy 2002, large scale open space is needed.

The park boundaries were established through planning processes in 2018 and 2019. This includes parkland that will benefit and be accessible to the community while also protecting significant environmental values.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio recently released draft plans for three new parks located in Werribee, Kororoit and Clyde – backed by a $19.5 million investment to begin initial works such as creating walking trails, car parks and fencing once the draft plans were finalised.

It will take time for the Werribee Township Regional Park to be fully completed but members of the public can look forward to contributing to the vision of the park now and then will be able to enjoy exploring the new Werribee Township Regional Park as it emerges over the next few years.

Developed following an initial round of community consultation in 2021, the parks feature nature playscapes, picnic and barbeque areas, revitalised creeks, wetlands and frog habitats. 

The three parks together represent more than 720 hectares of invaluable green open space which will improve Victorians’ health, wellbeing and connectivity while also creating local jobs.

With new walking and cycling tracks delivering tourism and education opportunities, the parks will be a big boost to Melbourne’s liveability. Urban green spaces play an important role in protecting Victoria’s precious biodiversity, creating habitats for our native plants and wildlife while also helping reduce emissions.

The Government is working closely with Traditional Owners and local councils to ensure the parks will meet the needs of growing communities and preserve and enhance natural and cultural heritage.

Community members can share feedback on the three draft plans from today through surveys on Engage Victoria, participating in an online session, or by speaking to the Parks Victoria team during community pop-ups in April and May.

For more information and to get involved visit: https://engage.vic.gov.au/parks