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Next-Generation Police Vans Roll Out for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

New divi vans

Victoria Police Introduces Advanced Ford Ranger Vehicles with Innovative Features

New, improved, and more secure divisional police vans are hitting the streets. Victoria Police has initiated the deployment of the latest Ford Ranger vehicles, specially designed for their use, which will gradually replace over 250 existing vans within the police fleet. This transition is anticipated to span a two-year period.

These next-generation divisional vans have earned a top-notch ANCAP five-star safety rating and are equipped with cutting-edge features. They come equipped with 360-degree camera technology, featuring cameras on the front, side mirrors, and rear, greatly aiding in maneuvering. Additionally, the larger prisoner pod now includes storage space for police equipment and operational gear, eliminating the need to stow these items in the vehicle’s cabin.

Next Generation Ford Ranger Divi Van

One notable enhancement is the installation of a steel bullbar and LED lightbar on all new divisional vans. These additions serve to enhance officer safety, provide additional illumination, reduce downtime due to animal collisions, and offer stability, particularly when accommodating the weight of the prisoner pod. Previously, bullbars were only found on vans in rural and suburban areas.

The divisional van plays a crucial role in Victoria Police’s vehicle fleet, with vehicles being replaced once they have accumulated 90,000 kilometres or three years of service. Some vans operating in regional areas log more than 15,000 kilometres a month, equivalent to driving from Melbourne to Perth and back twice.

The next generation Ford Ranger XLT is the most advanced vehicle introduced by Victoria Police, featuring a 2.0L Bi-Turbo 154Kw engine coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission, delivering improved performance and fuel efficiency compared to the previous six-speed automatic model. Notable additional features include autonomous emergency braking and blind spot monitoring and assistance.

The deployment plan anticipates the delivery of 15 new divisional vans every month. Kyneton was the first location to receive these new vehicles this month, with Stawell scheduled to follow in the coming weeks. The existing divisional van fleet comprises 233 Ford Ranger Supercab and 23 Holden Colorado Spacecab vehicles.

Next Generation Ford Ranger Divisional Van

Superintendent Andrew Miles, from the Operations Support Division, expressed confidence in these new vehicles, stating, “These vehicles are the workhorses of Victoria Police’s fleet.

“They’re bigger, better and most importantly will keep our members even safer.

“Be it in the city or out in the bush we know they’ll be put to good use in helping police keep the community safe.”

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