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Night Firebombing Exercise in Wyndham.

helicopter drops fire retardant

Image: Helicopter Industry


Emergency Management Victoria will be conducting night helicopter firebombing training in the Western Grasslands area, Quandong, south of Eynesbury on the evening of 20 January 2021.

Residents may hear noise from helicopters in the area.

The training does not involve any live fire, no chemical retardants will be used and there is no risk of ignition.

The operation will consist of helicopters picking up fresh water from a local private dam and dropping it on grassland

Where possible, aircraft will endeavour to stay distant from rural infrastructure.

The CFA have acknowledged the potential impact of night operations on the local community and plan to complete the activity by 11.00 pm. 

This training is a vital component to the development of the Night Fire Aviation Program, providing safe and effective night fire capability as another tool available to help protect communities during the fire season.

Emergency Management Victoria thank the local community for their understanding and welcome any questions regarding the training or our night aerial firefighting operations.

Nick Ryan, Program Manager: nick.ryan@delwp.vic.gov.au

Warren Fuller, Operations Coordinator: w.fuller@cfa.vic.gov.au