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Airbnb Parties Banned.

no airbnb parties

In August 2020 Airbnb announced a temporary ban on all parties and events in listings globally to effectively assist in the fight against covid.

 Since the implementation of the policy in August 2020, Airbnb says there has been a 44% year-over-year drop in the rate of party reports.  

Airbnb recently announced that the temporary ban has proved effective, and has now officially codified the ban as part of their policy, which is good news for some Wyndham residents.

Historically, hosts were allowed to use their best judgment and authorize parties when appropriate for their home and neighbourhood.

Over time, the party ban became much more than a public health measure. It developed into a policy to support Hosts and their neighbours.

Disruptive parties and events will continue to be prohibited, including open-invite gatherings. “Party house” properties will continue to be strictly prohibited as well.

The policy will continue to include serious consequences for guests who attempt to violate these rules, varying from account suspension to full removal from the platform.

In 2021, over 6,600 guests were suspended from Airbnb for attempting to violate the party ban. 

The new measures were announced yesterday.