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Nominate Your Hero: Wyndham Seeks ‘School Crossing Supervisor of the Year’ Nominations

School Crossing Supervisor

Wyndham City is actively promoting its campaign to honour the essential role of School Crossing Supervisors by calling for nominations for the ‘School Crossing Supervisor of the Year 2023/2024’. This initiative, facilitated by School Crossings Victoria, aims to highlight the significant contributions these supervisors make to the safety and well-being of school communities.

The awards serve as a platform to recognize the dedication of these individuals who, come rain or shine, are committed to ensuring the safety of children and residents as they navigate their way to and from school. This recognition underscores the importance of their role, which was formally introduced in 1973, to mitigate accidents and ensure children’s safety near schools.

The continued efforts of School Crossing Supervisors are crucial in maintaining safe passages at school gates and in encouraging drivers to exercise caution in school zones. Their work not only promotes safety but also fosters a sense of community and care among residents and students alike.

Some school crossing supervisors battle magpies

Wyndham residents are encouraged to show their appreciation for their local School Crossing Supervisors by submitting a nomination by the 31st of May. To find out more about the nomination process and to participate, interested parties can visit www.schoolcrossingsvictoria.com.au/supervisor-year-awards. This is an excellent opportunity to give these community heroes the recognition they deserve for their tireless and often overlooked work.

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