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Not Going Anywhere for Easter

not going anywhere for easter

Westgate Highway Patrol Officers brought a stolen car to a scraping halt yesterday.

Wyndham detectives spotted the stolen Ford Ranger driving dangerously and running red lights in the Davis / Tarneit Rd vicinity in Tarneit.

Tyre deflation devices were set up at the intersection of Greigs Road and Hopkins Road Truganina bringing the vehicle to a halt.

hopkins road truganina bringing the vehicle to a halt
Image: Wyndham Eyewatch

Two males in their 30’s and a female in her 20’s were arrested further along the Western Freeway, with two of them remaining in custody.

Westgate HWP spokesman, First Constable Portelli said, “It is great to be part of a team that has an array of tools that we can use to bring incidents like this to a halt. It is also great to be a part of a team that can catch and remove people like this who think it is ok to steal cars and drive dangerously, endangering the public. Although it is only essential travel on the roads at the moment, we are out here watching and not taking things lightly, as well as maintaining a strong presence for Operation Nexus.”