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Noticed Anything Missing?

Onyx Fimmage 1

Many Wyndham residents noticed when this object appeared on the water a couple of kilometers away from Wyndham Harbour and the RAAF Base in June of last year.

But did you realise that it has now gone? That’s right, the Ocean Onyx, a Drilling Rig that was built in 2014 and can drill to a depth of 6,000 feet, has slipped away quietly on it’s journey to drill for gas off the Port Campbell coast.

The Ocean Onyx Point Cook Coastal Park

The rig, owned by Diamond Offshore was also undergoing a legal battle with Beach Energy due to an alleged breach of contract which has now been resolved. 

The rig is no longer a part of the coastal skyline

The parties executed a new offshore drilling agreement for the use of the Ocean Onyx to undertake Beach Energy’s Victorian Otway offshore drilling program

“The agreement, which is at a globally competitive rig rate for deepwater semi-submersible rigs, includes provisions for COVID-19 related costs and delays,” Beach Energy said.

An independent rig broking company has estimated the day rate to be around $220,000.