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Off-Duty Officer Charged with Drink Driving After Crash

Police officer drink driving in Hoppers Crossing

Off-Duty Police Officer Allegedly Detected Drink Driving After Crash in Hoppers Crossing

A female Constable from the northwest metro area was involved in a car crash on Barber Drive in Hoppers Crossing on Sunday night. The off-duty police officer, who has not been named, allegedly crashed into a parked car, rolling her vehicle at approximately 11:30pm on June 23.

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According to witnesses, police were called to the scene and the 20-year-old Constable was given a breath test. She then accompanied officers to a nearby station where she underwent an evidentiary breath test. The results reportedly showed a blood alcohol reading of 0.133.
As a result, the Constable’s driver’s license was immediately suspended for 12 months. She is expected to be charged with drink driving and other traffic offences and is scheduled to appear in court at a later date.
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