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Offenders Caught Drink Driving and Speeding in School Zones.

Point Cook School Zone

An operation targeting road safety near local schools is being conducted this week by Westgate Highway Patrol officers. 
Together with Wyndham City Council, the Westgate Highway Patrol are focussing on enforcing road safety, especially near school zones and educating drivers about child safety restraints inside vehicles.
In just over an hour this morning near two schools in Point Cook, 11 offences were detected by police, including 7 speeding offences, 2 seatbelt offences, 1 drug driver, and 1 drink driver.
There will be a drug driving charge against a 28-year-old Point Cook male, while a drink driving charge against a 48-year-old Point Cook female will be filed because she allegedly was speeding while in a school zone while driving an unregistered vehicle. 
The female allegedly returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.131 and her vehicle was impounded.
One of the drivers caught speeding is alleged to have been travelling more than 25km/hr over the speed limit, which resulted in the automatic suspension of their drivers licence.
Westgate Highway Patrol and Wyndham City Council’s message is that everyone in the community has a role to play in reducing road trauma, in particular when it comes to the safety of children. We must do everything we can to make sure when we are driving around in proximity of children, or with children in the car, we keep them safe.
Police will continue to have a strong presence on the roads and are urging drivers to take care in and around school zones.
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