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Opportunity Wyndham – Creating Local Jobs for Local People.

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Wyndham City is launching Opportunity Wyndham – a collaboration between council and local employment and education service providers, including Wyndham Community and Education Centre, The Huddle, Job Prospects, AMES Australia and The Gordon.

The Council is calling on local businesses to work with us to create local jobs for local people.

Wyndham City’s Welcoming City Portfolio holder, Cr Jennie Barrera said Opportunity Wyndham provides local businesses with free tools, resources, access to recruitment services and local talent to build stronger, more inclusive workplaces.

“The initiative brings together Wyndham City Council, local employment partners and businesses to build local pathways to employment, with support from the Victorian State Government,” said Cr Barrera.

“With 58 per cent of the Wyndham population under 35 and home to people from over 162 countries, Wyndham is young, culturally diverse and provides a wealth of opportunities.”

“Population growth, new infrastructure and inbound investment make Wyndham an exciting place to be. However, more can be done to ensure that the benefits of economic recovery from COVID-19 and growth are felt positively across the community.” 

“Access to local jobs and work placements is an important element of being connected to community, with Opportunity Wyndham being FREE for all Wyndham businesses, we know this program will have multiple benefits to not only employers but also the community.”

Benefits to Employers include access to reliable, motivated, job ready staff. They will save time and money on recruitment and have access to tools and information on inclusive employment.

It will also increase the local profile and standing in the community and improve local engagement by securing a diverse workforce.

For more information visit: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/opportunity-wyndham