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Orange ‘Exotic Car’ in Hoppers Crossing Ignites Online Buzz

Orange Lambo

Gearheads hold onto your steering wheels! The streets of Hoppers Crossing were treated to a spectacle that sent an online exotic car spotting group into a frenzy. A bright orange Lamborghini Countach, known to enthusiasts as the ‘Anniversario’, blazed through town, turning heads and sparking a whirlwind of comments online.

Dubbed the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition, this blazing beacon of automotive prowess is impossible to miss with its fiery hue and distinctive design. One fan humorously lamented, “Another bad day to have eyes,” while another quipped, calling it a “Lego Countach.”

Popular comment about Lamborghini Countach
One of the top rating comments in the group.

This isn’t just any Countach, though. Celebrating a quarter-century legacy, the Anniversario is revered as the epitome of Countach refinement. Packing the same punch as its predecessor, the LP5000 QV, it boasts a monstrous 5.2L V12 engine that promises to rocket you to a top speed of 183 mph (294 km/h). With only 657 of these beauties ever produced, spotting one is like finding automotive gold.

The man behind the wheel, Albert Cassar, isn’t just any owner. He’s a proud creator of what’s known in the car world as an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV). Jumping into the online buzz, Albert set the record straight: “OK, let me tell you what it is. It is an ICV and for those that have no idea what they are talking about the car is an individually constructed vehicle based on the 1989 anniversary Countach,no not a kit not from temu. It performs as well as the original Countach.”

“You don’t have to like it cause I do and it didn’t win an award for nothing I enjoy driving something different that I built than something ordinary perhaps like what you drive”

orange Lamborghini Countach
Image: Albert Cassar

ICVs like Albert’s are not mass-produced but are instead personally crafted masterpieces, tailored to the builder’s vision while adhering to strict guidelines for light vehicle construction and modification. Each ICV is a statement of personal style and engineering ingenuity, requiring a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Whether you’re a fan or a critic, you’ve got to tip your cap to Albert for his passion and dedication to driving a true one-of-a-kind machine. In the world of car enthusiasts, it’s not just about the drive—it’s about driving something that truly represents you. And in Hoppers Crossing, Albert’s Lamborghini Countach is blazing its own trail.

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