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Orange Flares Over Werribee South: A Mark of Excellence in Marine Safety Training

Werribee South flares

Over the weekend at Werribee South, twelve volunteers from regional and metropolitan areas completed their “Survival At Sea” training course, marking the commencement of their Marine Search and Rescue (MSAR) service.


The training was conducted with practical drills at Wyndham Harbour and Werribee South Beach, where volunteers practised skills like firing distress flares, which cast a vivid orange smoke into the sky, fitting life jackets, and deploying life rafts. These exercises are essential in equipping MSAR volunteers with the necessary skills to handle onboard emergencies.

Werribee south marine rescue

This course is compulsory for all MSAR volunteers, aiming to develop their abilities to the standards required for National Commercial Vessel operations, as regulated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). MSAR units, composed entirely of volunteers, play a critical role in marine safety.

They are tasked with locating and aiding vessels in distress due to sinking, mechanical failures, or grounding. Additionally, they conduct searches for missing persons on the water, carry out rescues in marine environments, and sometimes perform medical evacuations.

Werribee south emergency operation

While some MSAR units are part of larger organizations like the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Life Saving Victoria, or the State Emergency Service (SES), others operate independently.

Those interested in contributing to the safety of Victorians in and around waterways are encouraged to consider volunteering. More information on joining MSAR can be found at [MSAR Volunteer Information].

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