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A new government body is being launched to support the transformation of the state’s waste and recycling systems.

Recycling Victoria will strengthen the state’s waste and recycling sector, driving innovation and industry security, helping circular economies to thrive and supporting the introduction of the new container deposit scheme.

The new entity will oversee new standards, regulations and reporting in the waste and recycling sector, to build community confidence and encourage businesses to innovate, invest and grow Victoria’s circular economy.

Recycling Victoria will work with councils, industry, regional communities and Traditional Owners, to create a better and more reliable waste and recycling system, reduce landfill waste, improve resource recovery and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Delivering state-wide stewardship, planning, regulatory and market oversight functions, Recycling Victoria will have a strong regional focus and presence across the state.

Recycling Victoria will also work closely with partner agencies, including Sustainability Victoria and the Environment Protection Authority. 

Victorians’ transition to a state-wide four-bin household waste and recycling system will be monitored and enforced by Recycling Victoria.

The Labor Government’s transformation of the recycling and waste sector is fostering new industries, boosting the state’s economy by up to $6.7 billion by 2030, creating nearly 4,000 jobs and helping divert 80 per cent of all waste from landfill, supported by the new body.

For more information visit www.recycling.vic.gov.au