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Owner of Stolen Car Catches Thief.

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A Tarneit man had his car stolen in the early hours of the morning by 3 thieves.

The thieves entered the Tarneit property at approximately 5.20am on Saturday 10th of April while the home owner was asleep. 

The thieves managed to  find a spare key to the Chevrolet Silverado that was parked at the property.

Once the vehicle started the owner awoke and ran outside to try and stop the vehicle using his spare key but was unsuccessful.

A picture of the stolen vehicle was then posted on social media which led to multiple people sharing the post. 

Many people began notifying the owner where and when they sighted the vehicle which lead to the owner and his friend calling police and confronting the thieves.

They were confronted at McDonalds on the corner of Elgar Rd and Foleys Rd, Derrimut.

It’s believed an altercation took place in which one of the thieves was believed to be injured, he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

Police arrived and one man was arrested at the scene but the two others absconded.

Thousands of dollars damage was done to the vehicle.

Police are still investigating.