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Pacific Werribee Reverses Controversial ‘Merry Everything’ Decision After Public Outcry

Christmas sign at Pacific Werribee

Pacific Werribee has made a swift reversal of its recent decision to replace the traditional “Merry Christmas” sign with “Merry Everything” after facing significant public backlash. The controversy emerged when locals expressed frustration over what they perceived as a dilution of Christmas traditions to accommodate cultural sensitivity.

1080x1080 Christmas Register Tile

The initial decision to adopt the ‘Merry Everything’ approach drew criticism from residents like Wendy, who questioned the disparities in celebrating various cultural and religious events. “They are watering down displays regarding Christmas. I want to celebrate Christmas, not ‘merry everything’,” Wendy emphasized.

The discontent further intensified when it was noted that the Santa chair this year prominently featured the controversial phrase. Scott, another resident, voiced his frustration, saying, “How long are we meant to put up with this? This is just another kick in the guts for Aussie culture.”

Merry Everything
The controversial sign

However, it appears that the voices of the community have been heard. Pacific Werribee’s management, responding to the wave of criticism and concerns raised by locals, has decided to reinstate the traditional “Merry Christmas” signage. The decision reflects the influence of public opinion in shaping the holiday experience at the shopping centre.

This incident highlights the ongoing debate over the balance between cultural sensitivity and preserving cultural traditions in a multicultural society. As Christmas approaches, Pacific Werribee’s decision to revert to the classic greeting serves as a testament to the power of community voices in shaping the holiday spirit.

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