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Paralympian Alexandra Viney Inspires Iramoo Primary School Students

Alexandra Viney paralympian

Paralympic rower shares her journey, promoting inclusivity and opportunities for students with disabilities.

Students from Iramoo Primary School, who took part in the Sport4All program facilitated by Wyndham City, had the chance to meet 2020 Paralympian Alexandra Viney last week on Thursday, November 9.

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Ms. Viney, a rower and member of the PR3 Mixed Coxed Four team in the 2020 Paralympics, shared her personal journey with the students. Her aim was to initiate conversations and highlight potential opportunities for individuals with impairments and disabilities in the field of sports.

Having faced a life-changing car accident at 18, Ms. Viney, a promising young rower, later transitioned to para-athlete rowing after a successful career as a sport scientist and strength and conditioning coach. Through hard work, dedication, and a passion for rowing, she quickly achieved international success.

Wyndham Mayor, Councillor Susan McIntyre, mentioned that Iramoo Primary School has been actively participating in the Sport4All program to enhance inclusivity and create more opportunities for students with disabilities to engage in sports.

Councillor McIntyre highlighted that the Grade 3s and 6s involved in the program would gain awareness that disabilities vary and that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate in sports when activities are appropriately adapted. The students engaged in games like Goal Ball and Seated Volleyball, providing them with an understanding of how sports can be adapted for individuals with disabilities.

Wyndham City’s Active City portfolio holder, Cr Peter Maynard, emphasized that Sport4All is a collaborative initiative involving the Australian Government, Sport Australia, and Get Skilled Access—a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise managed by individuals with disabilities and those with lived experiences. The purpose of Sport4All is to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in club and school sports according to their preferences and needs.

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