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Parliamentary Enquiry Will Also Investigate Wyndham Council’s Funding and Service Delivery

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The Coalition has announced a parliamentary inquiry into local government funding and service delivery in Victoria, with a report to be submitted to the Andrews Government by June 30, 2024.

The inquiry will investigate several aspects, including the effects of cost shifting from state and federal governments to local councils, the adequacy of core service delivery objectives, and the overall revenue structure of local government.

The move came after strong opposition from the Labor Government, the Animal Justice party, and the Legalise Cannabis Party.

The Coalition believes that the inquiry will provide constructive advice to the Andrews Government on building a financially sustainable future for Victoria’s local councils.

The inquiry will also examine whether the existing revenue structure is sustainable and appropriate, or if alternative models of funding would be more appropriate.

Additionally, any other related matters will be considered. The Coalition has emphasized the importance of this issue, particularly in rapidly growing urban Local Government Areas such as Wyndham City Council and Brimbank City Council.

They have accused the Labor Government of neglecting these areas and failing to take action on the matter. The Coalition is confident that this inquiry will hold the Andrews Government accountable and provide valuable insights into local government funding and service delivery.

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