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Physical Activity Gets on the Map.

wyndham active map

Image: Wyndham City


The Active Wyndham Map is an easy-to-use online directory for Wyndham sports and exercise providers, encompassing everything from your local football, cricket and athletics clubs to yoga classes, personal training, martial arts and everything in between.

Wyndham City Active City portfolio holder Cr Peter Maynard said residents can go to the Active Wyndham Map and search for what’s available in their local area.

“The search function allows you to filter the results by age, gender, suburb and venue, making it easy to find what you’re looking for,” Cr Maynard said.

“We know that regularly participating in a sport or activity is great for your mental and physical health however, more than half of all Wyndham adults fail to meet physical activity guidelines and one in five Wyndham residents don’t participate in any physical activity.”

“Everyone can play sport or take part in physical activity, no matter your age, size, or ability. Just give it a go!”

Cr Maynard said the Active Wyndham Map was another way Council was doing its bit to encourage Wyndham residents to get active by providing a one-stop shop for health and wellness activities in Wyndham.

“The Active Wyndham Map epitomises the work Council is doing through the Active Wyndham Strategy, which aims to create a more active and healthier Wyndham where residents feel able to consistently participate in physical activity regardless of age, background or level of ability,” Cr Maynard said.  

Check out the Active Wyndham Map for yourself at www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/active-wyndham-map

Sports and exercise providers will also be able to add their activities to the map via a feedback form on this page.