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Point Cook Bike Park Rolls into Action with $450,000 Upgrade.


Construction has begun on the new Point Cook Bike Park, pedaling its way into the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

 The $450,000 upgrade by Wyndham City is set to include a new shelter, bike repair station, bike racks and drinking fountain with a water bottle refill tap.

But wait, there’s more! The bike park will also boast wayfinding signage, new picnic settings, additional seating, and even more canopy trees and plants.

The works are expected to be finished by mid-2023, so start getting those wheels spinning! According to Wyndham City’s Active City portfolio holder, Councillor Peter Maynard, the Point Cook Bike Park is being developed as part of the Wyndham Coastal and Marine Management Plan.

This plan aims to improve access to the Wyndham coastline, and the bike park will provide cyclists and walkers with a perfect place to take a break and catch their breath.

Councillor Maynard said, “These additions will provide locals and visitors with an inviting area to stop and rest, and is perfect for those using the Wyndham Bay Trail.

The bike park also ties in with shared path upgrades Council is delivering, and a boardwalk connecting Sanctuary Lakes to Saltwater Coast being delivered by Parks Victoria in 2023.”

So, put on your helmet, grab your bike and make sure you check out the new Point Cook Bike Park when it opens. Don’t forget to pack your water bottle and a sense of adventure!

Learn more about the Wyndham Coastal and Marine Management Plan at https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wyndham-coastal-marine-management-plan.

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