Point Cook Man Clocked at 108km in a 50km zone.

Westgate Highway Patrol detected a 22 year old Point Cook man in Ashcroft Ave Williams Landing, travelling at 108km in a 50 zone at around 4pm this afternoon 4th of April.

As the car was travelling at 58kms above the speed limit it is now off to the impound yard for 30 days.

Senior Constable Raj Gennie of the Highway Patrol said: “Residential area, mid afternoon, potential for people to be out, and this guy thinks he can do what he wants. I am not happy about this.”

The 22 year old Point Cook man will be summonsed to court on charges of:

– Exceeding 45km
– Speed / Manner Dangerous
– Unlicensed Driving.

Source: Wyndham Eyewatch