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Point Cook Welcomes New $450,000 Bike Park: A Haven for Cyclists and Nature Enthusiasts

Point Cook bike park

Confirmed: A Brand-New Bike Park Unveiled in Point Cook!

The eagerly awaited bike park in Point Cook has now been officially opened for public use. This exciting project, spearheaded by Wyndham City, has been completed at a cost of $450,000. The upgraded area, located along Corporate Drive, offers a variety of amenities to enhance the experience for local residents, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.


The comprehensive upgrades include a recently constructed shelter, a convenient bike repair station, multiple bike racks, a drinking fountain equipped with a water bottle refill tap, fresh picnic settings, additional seating, and a notable increase in the number of canopy trees and plants. These additions contribute to creating a more appealing atmosphere for those utilizing the Wyndham Bay Trail. The bike park’s strategic location is also in close proximity to the amenities and shops at Tribeca Village.

Point Cook bike park complete

Wyndham City’s Councillor Peter Maynard, who oversees the Active City portfolio, expressed his enthusiasm about the new Point Cook Bike Park. He emphasized its value to the community, particularly as the warmer seasons approach. He noted that having a designated spot for cyclists to take a break, hydrate, and tend to their bikes is highly beneficial.

The establishment of the Point Cook Bike Park aligns with the larger scope of the Wyndham Coastal and Marine Management Plan. This project is just one facet of the ongoing initiatives taking place in the area. Recent enhancements to shared paths and footpaths around Sanctuary Lakes and Saltwater Coast Estate in Point Cook further emphasize the city’s commitment to improving the region.

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