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Point Cook Woman Wins $250,000 First Prize Pack from Play For Purpose Raffle

Point Cook Woman Wins BMW X5 scaled

After three days of ignoring calls from Play For Purpose representatives, a Point Cook woman was astounded to learn that she had won the First Prize in Play For Purpose Raffle 18.

 The Victorian residents First Prize Pack, drawn on Friday 17 March 2023, included a BMW Hybrid X5 and more than $89,000 in cashable gold.

Each Play For Purpose ticket provides players with the opportunity to win hundreds of prizes while helping an Australian charitable cause of their choice.

The elated winner bought her ticket in support of Food For Change, a cause that has been close to her heart due to the struggles of homelessness she has seen in Melbourne‘s CBD.

When an official from Play For Purpose finally spoke to the woman to reveal the winning news, she was completely overwhelmed to find out she was the owner of a $250,000 First Prize Pack.

This is crazy! Oh my god, Im just so overwhelmed! she exclaimed.I was just trying to do something nice and never expected to actually win anything. Is this even real? This feels amazing! I must be experiencing the winning feeling everyone is always talking about.

The winner expressed how she had always wanted to help those less fortunate and was delighted to have the chance to support Food For Change. She added that it was never her intention to win, but rather just to make a contribution to those in need.

I just hope Food For Change knows that theyre doing amazing things for people less fortunate and providing hope and happiness to people who need it. Ill continue to support the charity and hope to donate more in the very near future, she shared.

This is incredible. Honestly, my eyes are wide with shock. Thank you so much.

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