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Police Arrest Wyndham Vale Pair in Connection $100K Designer Goods Thefts

Police car

Yesterday, Stonnington Crime Investigation Unit apprehended a 46yearold man and 53yearold woman from Wyndham Vale in connection to a series of thefts involving highend designer goods, such as designer handbags and clothing.

The first incident was reported on 3 October 2022. The male suspect was observed entering a clothing store in Chadstone, where he is alleged to have selected a number of items without paying.

An Operation Bird unit noticed the wanted vehicle in Palmerston Crescent, South Melbourne at 12.30am. Police followed its owner to a nearby apartment complex, where the pair was arrested, and a search warrant was issued. During the search, a small amount of heroin was found, as well as stolen clothing, vehicle registration plates, and identification documents.

In addition, detectives executed more search warrants in Wyndham Vale and Footscray, from which allegedly stolen clothing items from several stores were retrieved.

The man has been charged with shop theft (x16), handle stolen goods (x2), negligently deal proceeds of crime, possess heroin, possess buprenorphine, deal property suspected proceeds of crime, contravene a court order, fail to answer bail, and commit indictable offence whilst on bail (x21).

He was remanded in custody to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court today. The woman was bailed to appear before the same court in May.

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