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Police in Werribee Swarm Sleeping Duo in Car

Police on Watton Street

In a surprising turn of events that caught the attention of local shoppers, police were dispatched to Watton Street in Werribee around 3:45 p.m. today following reports of two individuals found sleeping in a car. The quiet afternoon was quickly disrupted as approximately four police vehicles converged on the scene, along with several officers, causing a stir in the community.

Eyewitnesses reported a significant police presence in the bustling shopping strip, sparking curiosity and concern among onlookers. The incident led to an unexpected spectacle, with the area filling up with people trying to catch a glimpse of the unfolding drama. Traffic along Watton Street was almost at a standstill due to the incident.

Upon engaging with the occupants of the vehicle, police conducted a thorough search. During the operation, police discovered a small quantity of what was described by a police spokesperson as “green vegetable matter.” 

Police in Werribee
Several police cars were despatched.

In the wake of the search, both male occupants of the car were issued cannabis cautions. The issuance of these cautions indicates the presence of a controlled substance, albeit in quantities that warranted a non-criminal response from the police.

As the situation resolved, traffic flow gradually returned to normal, and onlookers dispersed.

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