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Police Investigate Toddlers Death in Lara

Toddler found dead in Lara

Officers Find Unconscious Boy in Dam Following Extensive Search, Investigation Ongoing

Police are preparing a report for the Coroner following the tragic death of a toddler in Lara on Tuesday evening 4th of June. Officers responded to a call at approximately 5:20 PM  after receiving reports of a missing child in the area.


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The search operation, which included assistance from the police Air Wing, led to the discovery of the unconscious boy in a dam off Windermere Road. Despite police efforts to perform CPR until ambulance crews arrived, the boy could not be revived. The air ambulance was also dispatched but was turned around halfway to the incident.

Police have not released the age of the toddler or any other details surrounding the circumstances. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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