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Potato Cakes or Scallops? Hitting Maccas Menus Tomorrow.

Potato cakes at maccas

There is a new potato-based menu item coming to McDonald’s that, depending on where you live in Australia, will have a different name.

Fast-food chain McDonald’s will begin serving “potato scallops with chicken salt” on January 11, but the name of the product is already up for debate.

The item is being referred to by diners in Victoria as a “potato cake,” while diners in South Australia call it a “potato fritter”.

There is no disagreement, however, among those in New South Wales and Queensland that the fried potato slice is a potato scallop. The potato slices are coated in crunchy tempura batter.

There will also be the Aussie Angus Deluxe, McSpicy Deluxe and Hokey Pokey Thickshake on McDonald’s summer menu, along with potato scallops, rumored to be priced at 2 for $4.

“Macca’s is giving you another reason to get together this summer, with a menu that’s as good on a roadtrip with mates as it is at the beach or in the backyard on a summer’s day,” Tim Kenward, marketing director at McDonald’s Australia, said.

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