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Pothole Damage in Wyndham: Who Covers Your Car?

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Have you ever wondered about who covers your car in the case of pothole damage? Pothole damage can be a major source of frustration in many cases, and it can potentially even do a large amount of damage to your vehicle.

But what does this mean for you? It’s not always clear who covers your car in the event of pothole damage, which is why we’ve done our utmost to help clarify this issue today. However, every case is different, so you should always discuss the particulars of your case with your insurer to find the most effective strategy for your own claim. Hopefully, this will get you back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Who Covers Your Car In the Event of Pothole Damage?

In most cases, in the event of pothole damage to your car, your insurance company will be the ones to cover the costs of the pothole damage. If you prefer not to go through the insurance company, you can also pay for the damage from your pocket.

Tarneit Road

However, under the Road Management Act 2004, unless damage sustained to your vehicle is extensive and above the threshold amount of $1000, the council is unlikely to have to pay for your damages. As such, you may need to contact your insurance provider for further support.

Wyndham City Director, City Operations, Stephen Thorpe told Wyndham TV that, “Wyndham City road teams will be working as quickly as possible to complete repairs, including potentially closing a number of roads until repairs can be completed. Road closures will be listed on Council’s website to assist drivers.”

“In terms of vehicle damage, Council manages all road-related claims in accordance with the Road Management Act, and recommends that people work with their insurance company in the event of any vehicle damage.”

Take Care When Driving!

Potholes are, by their nature, unavoidable – and after the recent conditions, they are even more common on our roads. Don’t worry; Wyndham City Council is actively striving to repair as many of these newly-formed potholes as quickly as possible. Still, in the interim duration, driving with caution and safely avoiding potholes (if such is possible) is crucial.

Unfortunately, this may not always be possible, which can leave your car on a direct course to meet the pothole instead. Going slowly may help lessen the damage in this case, but even then, a large pothole could definitely harm your tyres.

Final Thoughts

Pothole damage can potentially do a significant amount of damage to your vehicle, and so it is always crucial to try and avoid potholes where you can safely. However, not all potholes are safely avoidable, which can cause massive damage to your vehicle’s tyres.

In the end, the Road Management Act 2004 only covers property damage above the threshold amount of $1000. So, you’re unlikely to claim from the council directly, and you’ll probably want to raise this issue with your insurance provider instead to find a solution.

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