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Pour Decision: Water Main Woes Flow from Container Deposit Station Installation

Tarneit West carpark damage

On January 18th, the removal of a container deposit station from the car park at Tarneit West Village Shopping Centre has drawn scrutiny as it’s alleged that workers damaged a water main during the original installation process.

Since November 1st, the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) has been a fixture in the shopping centre’s car park, offering a 10-cent refund for eligible containers as part of the container refund points scheme. However, reports suggest that during the initial installation, one of the surrounding barrier poles inadvertently struck a water main, leading to significant damage.

Tarneit West Watermain
The water main leads directly to the affected area.

Despite attempts to seek clarification from Tomra Cleanaway, the managing entity of the Container Deposit Scheme project in Victoria, no response has been forthcoming.

The aftermath of the installation mishap which has led to the costly complete removal of the RVM,  has left a noticeable impact, with a sizable portion of the car park cordoned off and visible signs of water seepage persisting in the area. Locals, already discontent with the RVM’s original placement due to the loss of valuable parking spaces and difficulties in accessing the shopping centre during peak times, are now further troubled by the damage caused to the water main.

Tarneit west carpark fenced off
Several carparks remain cordoned off.

The fenced-off area remains neglected, with water pooling around the damaged site and rubbish accumulating nearby. A large clump of dirt, unearthed during the repair process, exacerbates the issue with water laying stagnant.

Tarneit West water works
Water seeps from the site.

The lack of communication from the managing company has added to the frustration among residents, who are left uninformed about the timeline for repairs or any remedial action.

This incident underscores the challenges associated with implementing such schemes and emphasizes the need for careful planning and oversight to prevent damage to infrastructure and inconvenience to the community.

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