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Presidents Park Lake is Drained Due to Algae Bloom and Bacterial Contamination

empty presidents park lake scaled

Residents near Presidents Park in Wyndham Vale were alarmed to discover the lake they have long enjoyed had been drained due to an algae bloom.

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Tests revealed a high level of E-coli and Streptococci bacteria, which can cause serious illnesses such as diarrhoea, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

The presence of algae can also be harmful to people and animals, causing skin, eye, ear, nose, and mouth irritation. As a precaution, the lake has been drained to ensure the safety and health of local residents.


Wyndham Council are currently seeking advice on what modifications or interventions may be required before the lake can be re-filled.

Experts are looking into the most effective and safe ways to treat the lake and bring it back to a healthy state. Local authorities are working together in order to ensure the lake will be safe for visitors and local wildlife.

Residents of Presidents Park are eager to have the lake back and are patiently waiting for the lake to be restored.

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