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Promised Town Centre Yet to Materialize for Allura Estate Residents

Allura Estate Town Centre



Government officials, community organizations, and residents express frustration over delayed town centre development.

Residents of Allura Estate, who eagerly anticipated the delivery of a town centre promised to them in Truganina when they purchased their properties a decade ago, have voiced their ongoing disappointment as the development remains unrealized. The approved precinct structure plan (PSP) for Allura Estate included a town centre and shopping precinct, and residents assert that they paid a premium for these amenities.


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The lack of progress has caught the attention of Premier Daniel Andrews, who expressed deep concern and assured the public that the government would closely examine the matter. In a press conference on Thursday, Mr Andrews criticized developers, stating, “Those developers say one thing to guarantee the sale and then deliver something very different to guarantee profits. That’s fundamentally wrong.”

daniel andrews
Premier Daniel Andrews

In response to the growing dissatisfaction and mounting pressure, both the Property Council and Consumer Action Law Centre have called on the government to step in and protect consumers, urging developers to fulfill the plans outlined in the PSPs.

Earlier this month, frustrated residents of Allura Estate held meetings with Consumer Affairs Minister Danny Pearson and Laverton MP Sarah Connolly to address the unresolved issue. The discussions aimed to find a solution and alleviate the concerns of the affected community.

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Cr. Josh Gilligan

While calls for PSP reform have gained momentum, Wyndham councillor Josh Gilligan emphasized that empowering local government also plays a crucial role in resolving the issue. In a post on Facebook, he stated, “Whether it is schools or shopping centres, we know that at the heart of the problem is local councils being starved of power to hold developers fully accountable in accordance with community expectations.”

Despite the continued delay, the town centre remains a part of Allura Estate’s PSP, and a scaled-down version is advertised to open in 2024, according to the latest information available.

In 2021, Empire Property assumed control of Allura Estate from the original developers, Stockland, and subsequently applied for a new permit to add more residential properties to the town centre site. Despite opposition from residents, Wyndham council approved the new permit, raising concerns among the affected community.

Empire Property declined to comment on the ongoing matter, leaving residents and stakeholders eager for further updates and a resolution to the issue.

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