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Rate Payers Unhappy, But Who is Listening?

council bowled over

Pantene released a survey less than a decade ago that found that 87 per cent of men held the view that a woman’s hair, “is important when evaluating her overall appearance”. Another, sizzling stat revealed that 74 per cent of men “noticed women because of their hair.”

A white male correspondent isn’t the best person to deconstruct the toxicity of the question itself, the responders to the survey or the surely male marketing executives that believed this would be a terrific way to sell a product to women.

What I can comment on is that surveys released by those with an agenda should be taken with more salt than could be found in low fat, low sugar food.

So what can we take from the Wyndham City Council – 2019 Annual Community Survey of 1200 residents.

Spoiler Alert: I am going to provide you with some of the highlights of the survey if you were planning to read the 132 page document for yourself.

According to the Council run poll, 95.3 per cent of respondents were either, neutral, satisfied or very satisfied with their performance.

Great right. Big tick. Well done.

It is curious then that a recent Wyndham TV poll found that 90 per cent of residents did not trust council leadership. An independent poll can attract people from each end of the spectrum, either really happy or very upset. However, it still bodes the question: How could the results be so different?

And how can residents be so pleased with a council that is clearly suffering from internal strife and budget issues?

Surveys can be powerful tools to help an organisation tap in to the needs of the community.

Or they can be used to prop up a tone deaf view that supports the group that commissioned the survey.

At least Pantene can be washed out of our hair

Author: Ben Hutchings