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Rehabilitation Plans Underway for Lake at Presidents Park

Lake at Presidents Park

Residents eagerly anticipating the restoration of Presidents Park Lake in Wyndham Vale will soon see progress, as authorities move forward with plans to rehabilitate the beloved water feature.

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The lake, a cherished spot for leisure and recreation, was drained in 2023 due to the discovery of an algae bloom and elevated levels of E-coli and Streptococci bacteria, posing health risks to visitors. Since then, it has remained dry as a precautionary measure to safeguard public health.

However, experts have been diligently exploring treatment options to restore the lake to a healthy condition. Collaborative efforts between local authorities aim to ensure that once restored, the lake will be safe for both visitors and indigenous wildlife.

The situation ties back to discussions held by the Wyndham Council in 2023, where advice was sought regarding necessary modifications or interventions to rehabilitate the lake. This initiative aligns with the broader vision outlined in the 2019 Master Plan for Presidents Park, which envisions enhancements and developments for the reserve over the next decade.

Presidents park lake full
The lake pre-2023

As part of the initial stage of implementing this Master Plan, a redesign process for the lake is currently underway. This process includes considerations for potential stormwater harvesting, aiming to enhance the lake’s sustainability and resilience.

Current projections suggest that the design phase will conclude by mid to late 2024, with construction and refilling of the lake anticipated to take place in early to mid-2025. However, these timelines are subject to change pending necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

As the community eagerly awaits the restoration of Presidents Park Lake, ongoing efforts underscore the commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all park visitors.

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