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Reminder to Maintain Vacant Lots

Vacant land

With the fire season approaching, Council would like to remind landowners to maintain their vacant lot.

Long grass and rubbish can become fire hazards during the summer season between December and March.

To avoid fire risk, residents should ensure that grass and vegetation on their property is kept at a maximum height of 150mm, including around fence lines, and all litter and flammable substances are removed.

Wyndham City recommends lot owners install temporary fencing around their property to mitigate rubbish.

Wyndham City officers will be conducting inspections over the coming months and fines will apply for landowners who have not maintained their vacant lot.

Wyndham City’s Climate Futures Office manager, Peter McKinnon, said it was imperative that landowners do the right thing this fire season.

“It’s really important for the safety of everyone that land-owners maintain their property.”

“Your help, understanding, and compliance is critical in reducing the risk of fires starting and spreading within the area.”

“Ensuring your vacant lot is maintained and free from rubbish are simple steps you can take to keep our community safe this summer.”

For more information about vacant lot maintenance requirements, go to: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/local-laws-permits/laws-permits-residents/maintaining-your-property