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Residents Invited to Contribute to Draft Learning Community Strategy 2024-2029


The Wyndham City Council is inviting residents to submit their learning goals and expectations to assist in the creation of the Draft Learning Community Strategy 20242029.

 This strategy aims to advocate for lifelong learning, whether through formal or informal education systems. Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, commented that research has shown that having active minds is associated with increased job opportunities, a higher standard of living, and improved overall wellbeing.

We want to know what peoples educational and career aspirations are for the next five years, Cr McIntyre said.This includes plans for completing high school, switching careers, going back to school, or picking up a hobby.

Cr Jasmine Hill, the Learning City portfolio holder, reported that a variety of programs are being offered through libraries, youth services centres, and community learning centres.

These include baby rhyme time, kindergarten services, youth civic participation, adult community leadership, seniors events, and various music, art, sports, intercultural learning, and STEM activities.

The Council also partners with schools, universities, and other educational institutions to provide learning and volunteering opportunities and career development programs. They aspire to foster a culture of curiosity and discovery, enabling residents to explore new fields and reach their full potential.

To contribute to the Learning Community Strategy 20242029, residents can give their feedback and suggestions by 15 June at https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/learningcommunitystrategy.

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