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Residents Living Near Werribee Racecourse Anxious Over Upcoming Music Festival

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Residents living in the Wyndham area are worried and anxious over the potential noise levels they may have to endure this coming Saturday, 18th of February between 12pm and 10pm, when a music festival is scheduled to take place at the Werribee Racecourse.

The music festival, which promises to be a night filled with performances from some of Australia‘s top DJs and live music, including Gang of Youths, Empire of the Sun and Tones and I, has become a source of concern for many residents living in the area due to the potential noise levels it will generate.

Local resident, Sandra , expressed her concerns on the potential noise levels, saying: “Please don’t forget that some houses near the event have children and babies living in them.”

While others like Lisa-Marie Carrol said, “You have got to be kidding? It’s a planned festival, get over it. So what if you can hear the music, it won’t kill you!”

The Werribee Racecourse has taken steps to ensure that noise levels are maintained, such as setting up a designated area for the music festival and limiting the number of attendees. Despite the measures taken by the racecourse, many residents are still worried about the potential noise levels, and some have taken to social media urging those affected to contact Wyndham City Council or the EPA.

The organisers of the music festival have done all they can to minimise the noise levels, and they are working with local authorities to ensure that all safety and noise regulations are met.

Traffic management will be in place on Bulban and Ballan Road with traffic controllers and reduced speed limits in place.
This include will include no standing zones:
  • Ballan Rd (between Eagle Stadium and Cottrell St Roundabout)
  • Bulban Rd (between Racecourse Rd and Cottrell St Roundabout )
Racecourse Road will be closed (open to residents) to ensure resident access remains clear.
Event attendees are encouraged to use the shuttle buses running between the Werribee Train Station and the racecourse throughout the day (no parking onsite), with additional train services running in the evening.

It remains to be seen whether the concerns of the residents will be addressed, but for now, all eyes are on the Werribee Racecourse and the music festival scheduled to take place this Saturday.

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