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Revealed: Altona’s New Pier is Taking Shape

Altona Pier render

Fresh snapshots capture the ongoing construction progress of Altona's waterfront project.

Altona’s new pier project is steadily taking shape this spring, showcasing impressive advancements over the past six months. Located in the serene suburb of Altona, Melbourne, this development is gaining attention for its promising contributions to the local community.

The most noticeable feature of the project is the steel piles that now form a visible framework extending into the deeper waters of the bay. This development promises to rejuvenate the Altona foreshore, offering a new and inviting destination for both residents and tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

In August 2023, aerial photographs revealed that piling work on the new pier was nearing completion, a significant step forward in the construction process. Simultaneously, demolition work was underway, preparing the area for the new structure.

Altona pier pilings aerial shot
Piling work: Parks Victoria

September 2023 marked the installation of hardwood timber decking along the foreshore, further enhancing the pier’s appeal. This addition is set to create a more inviting atmosphere for those who wish to take a leisurely stroll or partake in fishing.

With the prospect of the new pier head, excitement is building among local residents and visitors. The location of the pier is expected to become a hub for various activities, including fishing and enjoying the stunning sunset views of Melbourne’s skyline.

Altona pier boardwalk
Hardwood timber decking: Parks Victoria

The Altona pier project represents the blend of modern engineering and natural charm. It is poised to breathe new life into the waterfront, drawing more tourists to the region. This project is not just about construction but also about creating a better quality of life for the community.

With each passing month, Altona’s new pier is becoming a tangible part of the local landscape, promising a brighter future for the community. As construction continues, Altona residents and the Melbourne community at large eagerly await the completion of this promising addition to the waterfront which is due by the end of this year.

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