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Revealed: Werribee’s Largest Ever Mural Takes Shape!

Mural at Holiday Inn

Largest First Nations Mural in Australia: Werribee's Vibrant New Mural Unveiled

*Werribee News* An inclusive and transformative project is currently underway in Werribee, uniting the diverse community that calls Wyndham home. The iconic Hunter Building, also known as The Holiday Inn, is set to showcase a magnificent First Nations mural, the largest of its kind in Australia, offering a glimpse into the deep Indigenous heritage that has shaped the region.

In an exciting development, Wyndham TV has obtained a copy of the final design and superimposed it on the building, providing a stunning preview of what the result will be. This preview allows the community to visualize the mural’s impact and the beauty it will bring to the Hunter Building.

The masterpiece in the making is expected to be completed in just two weeks, making it the largest mural in the Werribee area, and indeed Wyndham. While the colossal artwork is awe-inspiring, so is the rumoured cost of this ambitious project, estimated to be around $90,000.

The mural work completed so far provides a first look at the design, which promises to captivate and resonate with every resident, regardless of their background. At its core is the Werribee River, symbolizing unity and commonality for all who call Wyndham home. Flanking the river, the mural vividly portrays the ancestral lands of the Bunurong and Wathaurong peoples, emphasizing the enduring relationship between the Indigenous people and their territory. The artwork is not only a visual spectacle but also a homage to the shared history and cultural significance that binds the community together.

The mural also includes the representation of Bunjil, alternatively spelled as Bundjil. Bunjil is a creator deity, a cultural hero, and an ancestral figure, often depicted as a wedge-tailed eagle in the Aboriginal mythology of various Indigenous groups in Victoria.

Renowned artist Tom Day, celebrated for his exceptional work on prominent projects such as the 8-storey building in Moonee Ponds and the Australia Post Headquarters in Melbourne, has harnessed his talent to create a mural that speaks to all who call Wyndham home. This mural is not about exclusion but rather an invitation for everyone to appreciate and embrace the rich heritage that makes this area special.

Mural started at Holiday Inn
The mural is expected to be finished in two weeks.

As the mural nears completion in just two weeks, anticipation grows to see the final result. This artwork promises to be a symbol of pride for Werribee, showcasing the region’s unique history and the remarkable talent of Australian artists. Supported by local authorities and businesses, this collaborative effort underscores the importance of art in revitalizing public spaces and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone.

Upon its completion, the mural, as the largest in the Werribee area, will serve as a landmark that celebrates the unity and diversity of the community. Its vibrant colours and intricate detailing are expected to breathe new life into the Hunter Building, making it a symbol of inclusivity and togetherness.

Werribee’s First Nations mural is a celebration of heritage, a testament to artistic brilliance, and a unifying force that brings the entire community together, regardless of their background. As the painting continues, the Hunter Building is poised to stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Indigenous culture in Wyndham and the community’s commitment to embracing diversity, all while recognizing the importance of investing in art that enriches the lives of all residents.

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