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Review of Wyndham City Council’s Electoral Structure Underway in Response to Legislative Changes

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Wyndham Council undergoes a significant electoral restructuring process following changes in local government laws.

In response to recent changes in local government legislation, the electoral structure of Wyndham City Council is undergoing a comprehensive review this November. This initiative stems from legislative alterations within the Local Government Act 2020, which now require all councils in Victoria to adopt specific electoral structures. Consequently, Wyndham City Council must transition to a single-councillor ward structure.


The current configuration of the council consists of three wards, housing a total of 11 councillors. Two wards each have four councillors, while one ward has three councillors. The last review of Wyndham City Council’s electoral representation was conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) in 2012.

To facilitate this transition, the Minister for Local Government has instated an electoral representation advisory panel. This panel is responsible for determining the appropriate number of councillors, ward boundaries, and ward names for the council. This process is crucial to ensure that Wyndham City Council complies with the new legislative requirements and accurately represents the interests of its community.

Community participation in this review process is highly encouraged, and two information sessions were held to explain the review and inform individuals how to engage in the process. These sessions took place at 12 pm on Monday, October 30, and 6 pm on Tuesday, October 31.

A preliminary report will be released on Wednesday, November 1, outlining various options for the electoral structure of Wyndham City Council. Community members can provide their feedback on these options through submissions, which can be made on the VEC website starting at 9 am on November 1. The submission period will conclude at 5 pm on Wednesday, November 22.

Wyndham City Council Wards

Furthermore, if individuals wish to share their insights on the proposed electoral models, they can request to speak at a public hearing scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday, November 28.

This review is in response to the new guidelines outlined in the Local Government Act 2020, which categorizes councils into specific structures based on their characteristics. For Wyndham City Council, the Act mandates the adoption of a single-councillor ward structure.

It is important to note that this review is not being conducted by the council itself but rather by the Minister for Local Government. This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure that all councils in Victoria adhere to the new legislative requirements. In fact, the Minister for Local Government has formed two panels to conduct electoral structure reviews for councils whose existing structures do not meet the Act’s requirements.

Residents and stakeholders in the Wyndham area are encouraged to participate in the review and express their thoughts on the proposed electoral models in the preliminary report. This community engagement is vital in shaping the future electoral representation of Wyndham City Council and ensuring it adequately reflects the local community’s needs and values.

In summary, the electoral structure of Wyndham City Council is currently under review in response to recent changes in local government legislation. Community members can actively engage in the process by submitting their opinions and participating in public hearings to help shape the council’s future representation effectively. The review aims to ensure that the council adheres to the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020, which mandates specific electoral structures for councils in Victoria. Importantly, this review is initiated by the Minister for Local Government, not the council itself.

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