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Revolutionising Tarneit’s Roads: Davis and Dohertys Intersection Upgrade in Full Swing

Davis and Dohertys Road upgrade

Wyndham City Invests $5.7 Million for Enhanced Safety and Road Quality

Construction is currently in progress for the significant upgrade of the Davis and Dohertys Road intersection in Tarneit. Wyndham City awarded the construction contract during a June Council meeting, securing a substantial $5.7 million investment in the project. This initiative aims to completely revamp the intersection, introducing traffic lights and sealed shoulders, with a strong focus on improving road safety, enhancing road quality, and making the travel experience more pleasant for residents and commuters.


As construction continues, Wyndham City’s ambitious project is not only reconstructing the Davis and Dohertys Road intersection but also extending its reach. The improvements stretch south along Davis Road up to Twyford Way and north up to Tarnala Road. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire area benefits from the enhancements.

In addition to the core intersection upgrades, the project includes various other improvements, including the installation of public lighting, construction of a footpath, and the addition of a bicycle lane. Drainage works are also being implemented to address water management issues in the area.

To expedite the delivery of the project and control costs, the Davis and Dohertys Road intersection is temporarily closed to traffic throughout the construction period. While this may cause temporary inconvenience, it is a necessary step to ensure the efficient and timely completion of the upgrades.

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Mayor Susan McIntyre of Wyndham City expresses her confidence that this project will significantly enhance safety at the intersection and address the surging traffic demands in Tarneit. She emphasizes that reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety are top priorities for the community. Mayor McIntyre further highlights that these efforts align with Wyndham City’s Road Safety Strategy for the years 2022 to 2032, demonstrating the commitment to developing essential infrastructure for the growing community.

This project follows the recent upgrade of the Boundary and Davis Road intersection in Mount Cottrell, a $1 million endeavor. The Mount Cottrell upgrade involved widening and resurfacing the pavement, enhancing line markings and signage, and implementing road drainage measures.

The completion of the Davis and Dohertys Road intersection upgrade is anticipated by late 2023, promising a safer and more efficient transportation network for the residents of Tarneit. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project that will have a lasting impact on the region.

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