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Ricky Brockdorff Jailed for Shooting Girlfriend with Shotgun

Ricky Brockdorff jailed

The Meth and Cannabis Fueled Shooting Ended in 10-Day Manhunt and Standoff

A man has been sentenced to prison after shooting his girlfriend with a shotgun, which led to a 10-day search and ended in a dramatic standoff. Ricky Brockdorff, under the influence of meth and cannabis, fired the shotgun at close range, hitting his girlfriend during an argument outside a residential complex in Docklands. He evaded capture for over a week until a lengthy standoff at a residence in Point Cook, where he had sought refuge and where children were present.

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According to the County Court, the 32-year-old Brockdorff and his 25-year-old girlfriend had been arguing at a party before the incident occurred. In the early hours of July 17, 2021, he shot her in the stomach with a modified shotgun outside an apartment building on Rakaia Way. After assisting his injured girlfriend to the lobby, he contacted security and fled the scene. Several days later, he stole a motorcycle and eventually found shelter at an acquaintance’s house in Point Cook, where children were residing.

When the woman realized that Brockdorff was a fugitive after seeing a news report, she asked him to leave. In response, he brandished a firearm and made threats to kill her. Subsequently, heavily armed police officers arrived, and a three-hour standoff ensued until the woman and her children could safely escape. Negotiations with Brockdorff, conducted by the Special Operations Group officers equipped with protective gear and firearms, continued for an additional two hours before he ultimately surrendered.


Watch the dramatic arrest video.

During a search of the residence, a shotgun was discovered. In her sentencing statement, Judge Sandra Davis acknowledged the significant impact of the shooting on Brockdorff’s girlfriend, who endured nearly two weeks of hospitalization, underwent five surgeries, and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, flashbacks, and depression. Initially, Brockdorff claimed that the discharge occurred because his girlfriend grabbed the shotgun’s barrel, but later he confessed to intentionally shooting her.

Judge Davis recognized that Brockdorff was experiencing drug-induced psychosis during the incident and acknowledged his remorse. However, she also took into account his extensive criminal record, which involved multiple incarcerations for violent offenses. The court learned about Brockdorff’s troubled upbringing, early drug use, and diagnoses of borderline personality disorder and diminished cognitive function. Ultimately, Judge Davis sentenced him to eight years and four months in prison after he pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including recklessly causing serious injury and various firearms offenses.

Having already spent nearly two years in custody awaiting trial, Brockdorff will be eligible for parole after completing five years and four months of his sentence.

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