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Road Win for Wyndham.

Land acquisitions

Cr Josh Gilligan and Cr Mia Shaw looking back at the site of the easement


Wyndham City has welcomed a recent Supreme Court decision allowing Council to secure an easement that will support a future road connection in Manor Lakes.

  The Supreme Court decision handed down in March clears the way for Wyndham City to secure access rights over a tract of vacant land that will extend from the Wyndham Vale railway station on Armstrong Road, past Manor Lakes Shopping Centre and join up to Ballan Road.

The future east-west connection will provide residents in the growing suburbs of Wyndham Vale and Manor Lakes with better and more direct access to the train station for the benefit of the community.

Wyndham City Mayor Adele Hegedich applauded the decision.

“This is a big win for Wyndham Vale and Manor Lakes residents,” Cr Hegedich said.

Wyndham City’s City Design portfolio holder Cr Josh Gilligan added: “This will allow us to build a future road directly to Wyndham Vale train station from Ballan Road, helping to reduce local traffic congestion to and from the station.”

The land is owned by a company associated with the Dennis Corporation, which issued the Supreme Court proceedings to challenge Wyndham City’s application to compulsorily acquire the 26-metre-wide easement under Section 187 of the Local Government Act.