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Safety Issues Around Schools.

Woodville Primary School scaled

Wyndham City is inviting feedback on any safety issues around Woodville Primary School, Bellbridge Primary School and Truganina South Primary School, to ensure students and those travelling within the school zone remain safe.

TAC Local Government Grant Program funding for the ‘Safe & Active Travel for Everyone Analysis’ project supports community consultation that is being undertaken with these three schools and their surrounding communities.

Wyndham City aims to understand the challenges to parents and caregivers and their thoughts on preferred ways to overcome identified safety issues.

Nearby residents, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who travel through school zones are also encouraged to share their feedback.

General feedback from the broader community around other schools is also welcome.

Wyndham City’s Mayor and Community Safety portfolio holder Cr Susan McIntyre said safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“We encourage local residents, school parents and caregivers to observe safety issues around their local schools on a daily basis.”

“We look forward to hearing from the community to identify any safety concerns around schools and ideas for improving safety.”

“The feedback will be used to develop projects or initiatives that will be trialled to improve safe travel for pedestrians and motorists.”

“Children and students are vulnerable around our roads, so we all need to do our bit to ensure that they get to school safely and return safely each and every day.”

For more information and to take the survey visit The Loop by 12 February at: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/safety-around-our-local-schools

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