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Santa’s Christmas Run Revealed!

Santa Wyndham Vale

The Wyndham Vale CFA has just released the times and places where Santa will be doing his Christmas run .

Santa is looking forward to seeing everyone on predetermined streets between 3.00pm and 5.00pm this Christmas eve.

Although these times could change in the case of an emergency where the brigade needs to respond, here are the predetermined routes and the approximate times.

JUBILEE – 3.10pm-3.30pm
Welcome Parade
Anniversary Avenue
Stanmore Cresent
Hounslow Drive
Pascolo Way
Anniversary Avenue
PRESIDENTS PARK – 3.10pm-3.30pm
McGrath Road
Halladale Ave
Juliana Ave
Lady Penrhyn Drive
Federal Drive
Macquarie Drive
Ballan Road
McGRATH CROSSOVER – 3.40pm-4.00pm
Windsor Ave
Burgundy Drive
Winston Way
McGrath Road
Camden Way
Torquay Way
Rosedale Place
WYNBROOK ESTATE – 3.40-4.00pm
Paramount Bvd
Stream Road
Principle Drive
Junonia Way
Brightvale Bvd
Bursa Drive
HARPLEY RESERVE – 4.10pm-4.40pm
Terama Chase
Shipwright Parade
Fairhall Ave
Taworri Cresent
Illabundra Drive
Yallaroo Chase
Treeve Pkwy
Charlwood Prom
Armstrong Road
Blackforest Road
Grandvista Blvd
Watford Strret
Cressy Street
Colchester Drive
MANOR LAKES – 4.10pm-4.40pm
Academy Way
Eureka Drv
Kinglake Drv
Ballan Rd
Spearmint Blvd
Holyoake Pde
Manor Lakes Blvd
WYNDHAM VALE – 4.50pm-5.30pm
McGrath Rd
Cambridge Cres
Valewood Drv
Honour Ave
Blackforest Rd
Olive Way
Yando Place
Ribblesdale Ave
Haines Drv
Armstrong Rd
Greens Rd
Feathertop Drv
Parawong Pde
Tussock Lnk
Cullen Drv
Greens Rd
Greengables Drv
Hydefield Drv
Evergreen Drv
Castlerock Drv
Buloke Ave
Eppalock Drv
Armstrong Rd
Manor Lakes Blvd
CFA Hoppers Crossing are also doing a lolly drop so you’ll have to listen for the sirens on Christmas Eve in Hoppers Crossing.
WERRIBEE – From 3pm
Listen for the sirens and head to your street corner if you’re in a court.
Be sure to wait for the trucks to come to a complete stop before approaching the truck to say G’day to Santa
Please be aware that due to Covid restrictions, social distancing should be maintained at all times and Santa asks the community to wear face masks if a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.
Please remember that all the people organising the Santa run are volunteers and are giving their time to help you celebrate Christmas with your family, so please be kind and understanding both online and in person.