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School Goes into Lockdown in Point Cook


Alamanda College in Point Cook was put on lockdown today shortly after midday, causing anxiety and worry for parents who received a text message from the school at 12:18 pm.

 The message read, “Please be advised that we have called a lockdown. We received communication from a parent that we need to respond to, we have contacted Police. Please remain calm and be advised that no parents are to come to School as you are not permitted to enter. We will notify you as soon as we have all clear.”

Parents immediately gathered in small groups around the school, trying to gather more information about the situation. Some cars even stopped to ask parents on the street what was going on.

Police scoured the area

According to one parent, a friend had seen a man carrying either a knife or a gun near the school. The school contacted the police, who then began scouring the area. The school went into lockdown for around an hour as a precautionary measure.

Police officers searched the area but found no signs of any suspicious activity. Eventually, the school was given the all-clear and the lockdown was lifted.

A police spokesperson later confirmed that they believed it was a false alarm. Despite the situation causing some disruption, all students and staff were safe and unharmed.

The incident highlights the importance of remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity to authorities. The school community is commended for their prompt response and cooperation during the lockdown.

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