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School in Lockdown Also Warns Parents of ‘Local Gangs’

Gangs in Wyndham scaled

A local school has communicated recently to parents in an email that there are local gangs that are taking the opportunity to corner students and steal their shoes and phones in order to sell them.

According to Principal Lyn Jobson at Alamanda College in Point Cook, there have been a series of unfortunate incidences in the Saltwater precinct and shopping complexes, including Point Cook Town Centre and Werribee Plaza, between young people.

Parents and students have been advised that if they are considering walking around the Saltwater community, or are going to the shops it would be precautionary to go with an adult or neighbour friends.

Targets for gangs.

The communication went on to say, “In general terms, young people walking together are less likely to be targets for gangs that are looking to steal items.”

Parents were also advised that the police are “very much across the issues that are occurring in the Saltwater precinct at the moment.”

The precautionary advice was given to help parents make the best decisions for their family.


School goes into lockdown

Police also attended the school on the morning of 11th October after an incident outside the school caused concern.

A witness said, “…there were police cars everywhere and uniformed police in the school standing around locker areas.”

A police spokesperson advised Wyndham TV that there was a fight among children nearby, but there were no injuries.

The school was temporarily locked down until police deemed the area safe.

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