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Section of Bulban Road Could be Renamed ‘Windmill Road’?

Windmill road

The realignment of Bulban Road is required as part of the Harpley development in Werribee. 

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In the future, Bulban Road will be divided by the railway overpass and the extension of Ison Road to the Princes Freeway. 
With Bulban Road no longer being one continuous road, the western section beginning at Ison Road will need to be renamed and it is proposed to rename Bulban Road here to Windmill Road.
Located near Bulban Road, windmill grass is native to the area, which meets the requirement of Principal C of the State Government’s Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2022.
What is Windmill Grass?
Low-growing chloris truncata (windmill grass)  forms clumps of around 30 centimetres in diameter. There are approximately 10–15 cm long leaves with a blunt tip and flattened leaf sheaths at the base, which give it its distinctive appearance. With a prominent central vein, it is light green in color.

Windmill-shaped flower heads can measure up to 30 cm across, giving the plant its common name. It has long black spikes lined with black seeds, each having two awns. Both summer and winter are the seasons when seeds are set. Despite its moderate spread, the plant is relatively hard to propagate. Lightly mowed as a lawn grass, it prefers full sun.

How to have your say.
Further information about the road renaming process and options for queries or feedback is available at https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/public-notices