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Shocking Incident in Werribee: Driver Arrested at Eight Times Legal Alcohol Limit

Breath test

Werribee Police Intercept Nissan Micra as Driver Tests Positive for Shocking 0.402 BAC Level

Last night in Werribee, a 34-year-old man was apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol, purportedly with a blood alcohol level eight times over the legal limit.

The incident occurred when Werribee police noticed a Nissan Micra sedan swerving recklessly on Tarneit Road shortly before midnight.

Officers promptly pulled over the vehicle and discovered that the driver was operating the car without a valid license. After administering a preliminary breath test, the results indicated a positive presence of alcohol.

Subsequently, the man from Taylors Lakes was taken to a police station, where he underwent a breathalyzer test, which allegedly revealed a staggering alcohol reading of 0.402.

As a consequence, he is likely to face charges for both drink driving and driving without a valid license.

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