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Local Has Shopping Village Tip Removed!

Dumped rubbish

A local resident has managed to work behind the scenes, on her own, to clear up a large rubbish dump next to the Tarneit West Shopping Village.

Other local residents were also disgusted by what was becoming a literal tip.  The worst thing about the mess the resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) said,  “was that so much of it was obviously dumped by people who have young children.”

“A lot of the waste was broken toys, including small bikes, highs chairs nappie boxes.”

“A lot of the items belonged to toddlers” the resident said.

“There was even a toddler’s wooden toy box, cot mattresses, and broken pieces of cots.  Absolutely disgusting. Imagine what the homes of these people are like. Utter filth I expect.” 

The resident said she contacted Wyndham City Council and that she was told it was CityWest Water’s property and that it was their responsibility. 

She then made contact with CityWest Water and made it clear this needed to be sorted out immediately and that
“It was unacceptable that they would allow our beautiful suburb to turn into a slum.”  

“I let them know that it wasn’t that long ago that beautiful pastures with cows, horses and so on stood where what now stands a disgusting pile of filth.”  

“I sent CityWest the photos so they could see exactly what was going on.  It wasn’t long before CityWest got back to me and to my surprise and embarrassment I discovered it wasn’t City West Water’s land at all, it was in fact owned and developed by Melbourne Water.”

“CityWest Water was amazing, not only did their representative not fob me off, he got in touch with Melbourne Water and from what I can gather gave them a good boot up the a*se.”  

“He called me back to say he had been given an assurance that the rubbish would be gone quick smart and that in addition a fence would be installed before Christmas to make sure this can’t happen again.”

The resident was told Melbourne Water will have a fence up by Christmas

“I am thrilled to say it has all been cleaned up. Wyndham City Council had nothing to do with this.  In fact, as usual, they were as useful as a screen door on a submarine.”

“I think it is a sad indictment on our community that amongst us are some people whose behavior is so unacceptable, so antisocial, and so disgusting that fences must be installed to keep them out.”  

“This is not teenagers; this is Mums and Dads.  If you have contributed to this or any other dumping of rubbish, littering at all, then hang your head in shame. That is about as un-Australian as it gets.”, she said.